The Marbled Print

The Marbled Print

Since summer 2015, LEMAIRE has been developing original prints derived from marbled papers and watercolors.
The spontaneous quality of these techniques gives birth to expressive and fluid patterns.
Look closely, and you might see a wide open sky, shifting landscapes, fabulous animals or even faces.
The arrangement of these various patterns, with their nebulous outlines and singular textures, compose a panorama of optical illusions
to spark your imagination and reflect back your own playfulness. LEMAIRE and Atelier La Folie have reimagined
classical decorative marbling, simplifying traditional patterns into more refined, contemporary motifs.

Atelier La Folie

For the past seven years, Atelier La Folie has been making marbling-inspired prints for LEMAIRE. Located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, just a few steps from the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Atelier La Folie takes place under mansard roofs and amongst books, with a schoolyard as its soundtrack. There are two tables, a collection of pigments (Walnut stain, Helios red, Mars yellow, Vine black, etc.), shaggy brushes, combs and drawing boards filled with years of experiments and discoveries. Atelier La Folie also restores old books and documents. « My work uniform is this Indigo apron and this old rag to wipe my brushes. I usually work barefoot in total silence. »

Marbled paper swatch test from Frédérique of Atelier La Folie
Ink floating on water

Hitomi and her daughter Akari wearing the Fall-Winter 2021 Marbled Print pieces at the Atelier La Folie studio

PHOTOS BY: Estelle Hanania. VIDEO BY: Luna Picoli-Truffaut

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