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Lemaire in Tokyo

Located in the Aoyama district, the LEMAIRE pop-up store was created in collaboration with the SKWAT collective. It is designed by the architecture firm Daikei Mills, as a preserved space where people come to discover the collections that interact with the Twelvebooks bookstore and the art gallery.
The recycled wood used for the display structures comes from traditional Japanese houses that are over a hundred years old in the city of Osaka. The structural elements, pillars and beams, use the traditional "Kigumi" assembly technique.
Lemaire thus offers a personal and evolving stroll where visitors are invited to take their time and come back throughout the year. The boutique expands on the idea of perfectly proportioned clothing as a home in which one can take refuge and move about—clothing that is a host, a space, a continuum

Opening hours

Tuesday-Sunday 12pm – 8pm
Closed on Mondays

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