SS22 Men

Presented in three sequences attuned to seasonal needs and our modified lifestyles, the men’s wardrobe dialogues with the women’s collection through interplay between shapes, fabrics and tones. The chic nightwear can be worn in or out of the house and the great warmth of the quilted models shields us from the winter weather.

louis during the film fall-winter 2021

protective pieces

The last theme’s wardrobe insulates us from the cold and wet. The silhouettes are compact and sturdy: a boxy jacket; thick wool work jackets such as a donkey jacket and pea coat; a large reversible parka lined with alpaca cotton that has a removable collar and a stowable hood; a sheepskin jacket; and a quilted bomber jacket. A light robe in alpaca wool and a granite pyjama set infuse the silhouettes with fresh indolence.

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