SS22 Collection Page

The collection’s three sequences convey a story that reflects our seasonal needs through a set of wardrobes that pair effortlessly, interwoven with past collections through common shapes, tones and silhouettes that allow for an evolving array of combinations. Now more than ever, clothing serves an essential refuge, a second skin.

New prints also feature prominently in the collection. Longtime Lemaire collaborator l’Atelier La Folie has combined watercolor and the Suminagashi marbling technique (ink floating on water) to create a volcanic landscape of charcoal plumes.


A reinterpretation of the brand’s references and military apparel, the theme has given rise to a warm, functional, all-terrain wardrobe accented with a sensual line of close-fitting knitwear. There are apron pieces in coated denim, garments in gabardine with a trompe-l’oeil effect, trousers with padded knees and a comfy jersey knit set in boiled wool. The line has a natural color palette, interspersed with a series of knitwear pieces and cotton denim aniline red.

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