Spring-Summer 2022 Collaboration

LEMAIRE has had a special connection with music since its inception. The past few years have seen exclusive collaborations with artists as diverse as the cult band Can, the US label Stones Throw Records, and the groups ESG and Suicide. Lemaire continues to build on that connection and is now presenting a new collaboration with Tomaga and Valentina Magaletti. An extraordinary drummer and percussionist, Magaletti is equally at home performing and collaborating with pop artists such as Vanishing Twin, Radiohead and Lafawndah as with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Veronica is wearing the large tee-shirt

This season, LEMAIRE has worked with the group and the London-based studio Icinori to develop series of exclusive Tshirts inspired by the organic cover art from their latest album, soberly titled Intimate Immensity.

hand logo

The artwork draws from the aesthetic uniformity and infinite blue in filmmaker Derek Jarman’s Blue(1993), along with the works of Gaston Bachelard, in particular his book The Poetics of Space, which explores the concepts of necessary intimacy and the shell as a refuge from the world. Finally, the cover depicts some of the stones which the group’s late singer, Tom Relleen, collected throughout his life—lasting markers of his personal journey.

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