Runway Spring - Summer 2023

spring-summer 2023

For this LEMAIRE Spring-Summer 23 show, guests are invited to a journey through what seems to be in a train station hall, or a movie set, it’s for the guest to decide. The guest becomes active in this set up, while the models are placed in a situational loop, led by Ana Roxanne’s inner music. Like entering a vivarium, looking at the daily life with a magnifying glass, the guests get immersed in a LEMAIRE world, with its own gestures. The visitor is invited to take time and get closer to the garment, maybe interact with it, or with the individuals wearing it, may it be through a look, the wink of an eye, a smile. 


LEMAIRE is about clothes, allowing people to tell and narrate their own stories, somewhere in between fiction and reality. The summer wardrobe is lighter, with supple, airy shirts, dresses and pajamas. Generous volumes leave room for movement. There is space between the wearer and the garment, but adjusted at the waist, at the ankle, to structure the silhouette and propose an almost invisible sophistication, a nonchalant elegance.

Photo by: Lena C. Emery. Video by: Jordane Chouzenoux


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