Perfumed paper

Sandalwood, beeswax, cedar, incense, geranium, honey, mimosa, musk, myrrh, orris, patchouli, pink peppercorn, rose, saffron.

One sheet of the perfumed paper

A mellifluous composition of honeyed notes plays softly before us, with wisps of incense and flaxen light. Dry wood, powdered spices and silky flowers resonate in unison; a fragrance as sweet as a secret drifts through the light, invigorating air. Balsamic essences are released and come to rest like fresh dew, as if through a window left ajar. The flowers have left their elusive olfactory imprints on five sheets inspired by naturalist illustrations. Coiled up in a colorful tube, the blotting paper slides into little nooks in the household linen and clothing, exuding its scents over several months: cedar, sandalwood, the green freshness of herbs and spices, waxy notes cloaked in geranium, mimosa and rose.

Perfumed paper notice

Photos credits: Romain Laprade

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