The molded leather accessories

The molded leather accessories

LEMAIRE presents new molded leather accessories with clean and soft lines, handcrafted in the region of Cadiz in Spain. Expending on the idea of bags as objects, this new line of Molded offers five pieces that honor the singular and ancestral know-how from the town of Ubrique.

Resin shapes like lumps of butter


Crafting the accessories requires intricate knowledge of the artisanal process and a sensitive touch honed over the course of many trials. The artisan has to remain attuned to the living, capricious quality of each hide, in order to react to its particular ripples throughout forming. The singular nature of these items is intimately related to the leatherworking process, which brings out the essence of the material, the leather’s grain and unique suppleness.

The key-ring bells drying after the edge tincture

Photos by: Osma Harvilahti. Video by: Luna Picoli-Truffaut

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