LEMAIRE & A Flamenco Catharsis


For its Fall-Winter 2021 collection, LEMAIRE is pleased to present its latest collaboration with A Flamenco Catharsis, a creative direction studio oriented towards the world of flamenco. 

Scene from the film by Robi Rodriguez with Patricia Guerrero and the palmeros, traditional flamenco clappers, accompanying the dance with their hands, feets and voices
Main dance hall of Amor de Dios in Madrid

Dancers Patricia Guerrero and José Maya during rehearsal

Detail of FW21 dress in printed dry silk, specially customized for the collaboration

" The pattern was inspired by the feathers of the Choukar partridge...

It's a warm print which hopefully brings energy to the wearer. It’s a capricious sky about to explode, it has some impetuosity and confidence. "


PHOTOS BY: Sarah-linh Tran and LUNA PICOLI-TRUFFAUT. Film by: Robi Rodriguez.

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