FW20 The Shibori print

Lemaire has imagined a soft shirt and two-ply pants printed to highlight a Shibori pattern thought as a soft camouflage. They can be worn as a soft suit, a light coverall or an elegant pyjama.

Shibori is a traditional Japanese technique of textile dyeing by knotting. This original design was made by Adrien Testard who achieved the design by folding, knotting and then dipping paper squares into ink. It is the rhythm of this folding and the way they were knotted that determined the structure of the final pattern. The mixtures of concentrated inks in which the papers were dipped, gave the pattern its intense colors of oxidized iron. The pattern reveals itself when unfolding, with its mineral structure and its unusual brick wall scale motif. This design was then scanned and printed on a compact silk with an irregular aspect that suggests the porosity of the initial paper on which the colors were infused.


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