Lemaire and Laulhère

The Lemaire and Laulhère collaboration

The Laulhère berets

The Laulhère beret interpreted by Lemaire is a piece of accessory designed to complete this season’s silhouettes and to become a timeless part of your wardrobe. In line with Lemaire’s approach to mixing classics garments inspirations from all over the world, the beret represents a French classic that itself, has travelled across cultures.

The house of Laulhère was created in 1792 in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. Since making their first berets in 1840, Laulhère never stopped manufacturing this classic accessory. This refined product requires top-quality, hand-selected materials and a team of craftsmen and craftswomen specialized in the arts of knitting, fulling, felting, dyeing, ennobling, and many other processes specific to its unique production. The Laulhère beret is the product of a unique ancestral heritage and extraordinary savoir-faire.

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